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Tue Nov 23 2021

FastComments Adds Support for #HashTags

Ever wanted to #tag a topic or piece of information? Now you can.

Mon Oct 11 2021

FastComments Gets @mentions

Ever wanted to @mention one or more users in a comment? Now you can.

Tue Oct 05 2021

Adding Commenting to Notion Pages

Want to add comments to your Notion pages? We have you covered.

Fri Jul 09 2021

Moderating Comments Made Easier

You can now moderate comments without leaving your site!

Mon Jun 21 2021

FastComments Gets a New Look

FastComments has been updated. Learn about the update and how you can get it.

Wed Apr 28 2021

New Documentation Launched

We've launched a site just for our documentation.

Wed Apr 14 2021

FastComments Goes Angular

Need to embed comments into an application developed with Angular? We got you.

Fri Apr 02 2021

Customizing Email Footer Logos

Have a more consistent experience for your users by branding the emails FastComments sends.

Sat Feb 06 2021

FastComments Goes React Native

Need to embed live commenting into an application developed with React Native? We got you.

Tue Jan 26 2021

Indexing Your Comment Threads in Search Engines

We've improved the information that search engines see when crawling your site with FastComments.

Fri Jan 22 2021

Pinning Comments with FastComments

Top-level comments can now be pinned in comment threads!

Tue Jan 05 2021

Introducing Commenter Links

Our first release of 2021 brings the ability (if enabled at tenant level) for users to add their blog link when commenting.

Wed Dec 30 2020

Migrating From JustComments To FastComments

Read this post to see how to fully migrate from JustComments to FastComments.

It's usually a matter of removing the small snippet they give you and replacing it with our own. You can even run JustComments and FastComments on the same site temporarily to test and tweak the look and feel. We can help with that.

Fri Dec 18 2020

Admin & Moderator Labels Now Showing on Comments

A small change that simplifies interacting with your community.

Thu Nov 19 2020

Protecting Comment Threads With Single-Sign-On

Don't consider your comment threads public? Have SSO setup for authentication? This might be for you.

Fri Nov 13 2020

Customizing The Default Avatar

The default avatar image can now be customized.

Wed Nov 11 2020

Embeddable Comments For Webflow

Instructions, including a video, on installing FastComments on a Webflow.io site.

Mon Nov 09 2020

Sorting Comment Threads with FastComments

Since launch, FastComments did not allow you to change the sort order of the comment thread. That changes with this release!

Mon Oct 26 2020

Using FastComments in VanillaJS Single Page Applications

While we have dedicated React and VueJS components, the vanilla widget can be used in single page applications too.

Wed Oct 21 2020

Commenters Can Now Remove Their Comments

A much anticipated update, you can now delete your comments left with FastComments.

Fri Oct 16 2020

Comments Are Now Editable With FastComments

A much anticipated update, you can now edit comments left with FastComments.

Mon Oct 05 2020

Embedding Comments on a VueJS site With FastComments

Need to embed comments into an application developed with Vue? We got you.

Sat Sep 26 2020

Webhooks Come to FastComments

FastComments can now call your API for comment creation, updates, and removal.

Thu Sep 24 2020

Debugging Your FastComments Installation Made Easier

Comments not showing? Settings don't seem to be applied? Figuring that out just got a whole lot easier.

Thu Sep 10 2020

Customizing The Widget Text

Customizing the widget text is a frequent support question. Now it's self-service.

Wed Aug 12 2020

Embedding Comments on a GatsbyJS Site with FastComments

You can now use FastComments to embed comments into a site made with Gatsby!

Wed Aug 12 2020

FastComments Goes React

Need to embed comments into an application developed with React? We got you.

Fri Jul 17 2020

Adding Comments to a BigCommerce Blog

Fri Jul 10 2020

Migrating Your Comments Across Domains

Life changes. Companies evolve. Domain names and URL patterns change, and FastComments can help.

Thu Jul 09 2020

Comments For The Jamstack

What's old is new again. Pre-rendering and serving sites from a CDN is now called the "JamStack" - but they don't have to be completely static!

Wed Jul 08 2020

Create an RSS Feed from Your Comments

RSS is still alive and well, and now FastComments supports it. Don't know what RSS is? Don't worry, we'll fill you in.

Tue Jul 07 2020

FastComments on Sites with Dark Backgrounds

FastComments now adjusts to your site's theme, whether it's light or dark.

Fri Jun 26 2020

Embedding Comments on GitHub Pages

Want to add comments to a static site, like GitHub Pages?

Wed Jun 24 2020

FastComments on Mobile - Less Whitespace More Content

We've improved the readability and appearance of FastComments on mobile.

Sun Jun 14 2020

FastComments Redesign - With a Toolbar!

We've recently taken a stab at giving our core commenting widget experience a face lift.

Sun May 24 2020

Easy Code Snippet Support With FastComments

Some of our customers have software-development related sites and blogs. In these communities it's common to share code snippets. Here's how FastComments makes that easy.

Sun May 24 2020

FastComments Now Supports Markdown

A richer commenting experience has arrived at FastComments with the use of Markdown!

Fri May 22 2020

Admin and Moderator Comments Are Now Auto Approved and Reviewed

A minor announcement - but welcome to many!

Fri May 22 2020

Monthly Engagement Overview With The FastComments Digest

Want a regular reminder of comments that may need attention, without getting emails every hour?

Fri May 08 2020

How to Only Auto Approve Verified Comments

Have auto approval enabled but only want verified comments to show on your site or blog?

Sun Apr 26 2020

FastComments Now Supports Live Commenting

With this product launch FastComments is able to improve the engagement of your audience even more!

Mon Apr 13 2020

Setting up SSO With FastComments

FastComments provides SSO solutions for various platforms and custom integrations.

Thu Apr 02 2020

Banning, and Shadow Banning With FastComments

The FastComments moderation toolset now has the ability to ban or shadow ban a user.

Sun Mar 29 2020

Preview Widget Customization in Real Time

Customizing your comment widget taking too long? We've launched a solution!

Fri Mar 27 2020

Close a Comment Thread With FastComments

Have a discussion you want to close? The option is here!

Tue Mar 24 2020

FastComments is on WordPress!

Considering switching from another WordPress comment plugin? Try FastComments!

Tue Mar 24 2020

New Widgets! Top Pages and Recent Comments

Today we're introducing two new widget types, bringing the total supported widgets to three: Comment Count, Recent Comments, and Top Pages.

Sun Mar 22 2020

Customize Your Comments Blacklist With FastComments

For some, the default word blacklist is too restrictive or too open.

Sun Mar 22 2020

Full Text Search Comes to FastComments

Moderators now have the ability to search a combination of user names and comment text via the moderation page.

Thu Feb 27 2020

Giving Moderators The Full Picture at FastComments

Sometimes the difference between marking something as spam and approving it can be the context - so FastComments provides an easy way to go from an individual comment to an exact spot in a thread.

Sun Feb 23 2020

How to Require Approval for All Comments

By default no approval process is required with FastComments. Your users comment and their comments immediately are available to the whole internet to see (albeit with the unverified tag if they are not logged in). So what if you want to manually moderate and approve every comment?

Sun Feb 23 2020

The FastComments Comment Count Widget

Want to show off the number of comments on a page before a user clicks in? No problem with FastComments.

Mon Feb 17 2020

Creating a Team of Comment Moderators with FastComments

A one man army only scales so far. What do you do when you're overwhelmed by the number of comments you have to review?

Read this post to see how to invite comment moderators to FastComments.

Wed Feb 12 2020

FastComments Default Avatars Using Gravatar

What's an Avatar?

An avatar is the profile icon associated with every account and shown next to every comment.

What's Gravatar?

Gravatar brands themselves as "A Globally Recognized Avatar". It's a service where you can define an avatar for a given email. Any products you sign-up to using that email can then use that avatar. This removes a step for people signing up to FastComments since their avatar is setup automatically.

So what's the change?

FastComments will now pull default avatars from Gravatar. You or or users don't have to do anything to get this feature.

If your existing users have already defined their own avatar - no worries - we aren't going to overwrite their custom avatars. Also, users can still overwrite the Gravatar avatar in FastComments.

Wed Feb 12 2020

Using FastComments in Multiple Places On The Same Page

FastComments is flexible. It attaches to a regular element on a page so it works with any web framework.

Read this post to see an example of multiple instances of FastComments on the same page.

Sat Feb 08 2020

Migrating From IntenseDebate To FastComments

Read this post to demonstrate how to fully migrate from IntenseDebate to FastComments.

Wed Feb 05 2020

FastComments Gets Localized

Localization is no small step - and it's arrived at FastComments. The embeddable comment widget is now fully localized in English (en-us), Spanish (es-es), and French (fr-fr).

You'll notice that we haven't slowed down, either. Generally when most applications add localization support the bloat starts to set in. In our case the client-side script has actually decreased in size as we've done some housekeeping and other optimizations at the same time.

If you'd like FastComments translated in your language, or you've spotted a translation issue, let us know.

Wed Feb 05 2020

How to Disable Image Uploads In Your Comments

With FastComments you can disable image uploads in the comment section of your website for either the entire site or just a particular page.

Mon Feb 03 2020

Configure How Long to Keep Unverified Comments

By default FastComments will keep your unverified comments for three days.

What does "unverified" mean?

When a user comments and leaves their email FastComments will send them an email asking them to verify their comment. This helps fight spam, and highlights the comments that their authors really want shown.

If you enable Anonymous Commenting they won't even have to leave their email!

But now you can configure how long to keep these comments - maybe you don't even want to automatically remove them! This is all configurable ia Moderate Comments -> Edit Moderation Settings

Mon Feb 03 2020

Threaded Pagination Comes to FastComments

FastComments now supports pagination without collapsing content! Also, if you want to read a long thread quickly FastComments has a "Load All Comments" button on long threads (like here).

This means that if you have hundreds of replies on a page we aren't going to bog down your site by loading them all up at once. One the user scrolls down to your comment section, and reads past the 30 comments we load initially, they can click "Show Next 30 Comments" to quickly load the next set and continue reading.

It's also well optimized, as usual. If you're into that kind of thing read about it on our engineering blog.

This requires no additional setup from you! Existing customers will get this feature. Enjoy FastComments.

Sat Feb 01 2020

How to Allow Anonymous Comments With FastComments

By default FastComments requires an email to comment if you are not logged in. We use this email to automatically create an account for the user and let them verify their comment. In order to allow anonymous commenting you just have to create a customization rule. Define the domain, and optionally page, that you want to allow anonymous commenting on.

Thu Jan 30 2020

Image Uploads Come to FastComments

A picture is worth a thousand blog posts, right?

Wed Jan 29 2020

How to Hide Your Comment Feed Under a Link

Don't want to show a comment feed at the end of your pages, but want to let users comment? We got you.

Tue Jan 28 2020

How to Prevent Spam in Your Comments

There's no way to 100% combat spam. But FastComments helps a lot.

Mon Jan 27 2020

What Notifications Does FastComments Send?

Learn about how FastComments might - or hopefully might not - bug you.

Sun Jan 26 2020

Migrating From Muut Comments To FastComments

Read this post to see how to fully migrate from Muut to FastComments.

It's simply a matter of removing the small snippet Muut gives you and replacing it with our own. You can even run Muut and FastComments on the same site temporarily to test and tweak the look and feel. We can help with that.

Sat Jan 25 2020

Migrating From Commento To FastComments

Read this post to see how to fully migrate from Commento to FastComments.


Commento doesn't give us full URLs. What they provide is just the domain name that a comment thread belongs to - like "fastcomments.com/some-page". This means that the FastComments importer has to assume what the protocol is, and it defaults to https. If you run the import and are not seeing your data you may want to check that your site is properly secured.

Fri Jan 24 2020

How to make a comment system like Hackaday.com

Here we'll explore creating a comment thread that looks like the one on Hackaday.

If you click the link to this post the overall page styling as well as the FastComments Blog will change.

Thu Jan 23 2020

Migrating From Disqus To FastComments

Read this post to see how to fully migrate from Disqus to FastComments.

If you're using the Generic Site Integration with Disqus then it's simply a matter of removing the small snippet they give you and replacing it with our own. You can even run Disqus and FastComments on the same site temporarily to test and tweak the look and feel. We can help with that.

If you're not using the Generic Site Integration then the instructions will vary based on your platform - again reach out to us.

Wed Jan 22 2020

FastComments Gets Avatars

After launch this was the most asked for feature, so here it is.

If you are logged in and comment, or view your existing comments, you'll see there is now an empty profile picture next to your name.

Wed Jan 01 2020

FastComments Bug Bounty

If you can find any bug with FastComments we'll pay you! We also offer subscription credits.

View this blog post and comment to report a bug.

Mon Dec 30 2019

FastComments Demo

View this blog post to see a live demo of FastComments. Feel free to comment and play around.

If you leave a comment and don't verify it via email within three days it'll automatically be removed. This is one of FastComment's powers to fight spam.