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Wed Dec 08 2021 -

Profanity Masking Update

What's New

Previously, FastComments only allowed defining a single global word blacklist on your entire account.

This list of words to mask, or to use for spam detection if desired, could not be defined per language. It could also only contain a list of words, and not phrases.

Now, the following upgrades have been made:

  1. The blacklist can be defined per-locale (language + region).
  2. In addition to words, phrases can now be masked, or used for spam detection.
  3. Updating the profanity detection configuration is now live and immediate. Previously, it could take up to five minutes for changes to apply.

How to Use It

The link to the word blacklist has not changed, and remains at /auth/my-account/moderate-comments/blacklist and is still accessible from Moderate Comments -> Moderation Settings -> Edit Word Blacklist.

On this page you'll now see a language dropdown to customize the blacklist per locale.

Upon selecting a locale, you may define words or phrases to mask.


Up to 5,000 words or phrases can be defined per locale. If you require raising this limit, reach out to support.

It's Live!

Any changes you make to the list of words or phrases to mask are now applied to the system immediately.

Who Gets It

All current and new FastComments customers, on all tiers, now have access to the new word and phrase blacklist features.

In Conclusion

Like the rest of FastComments, we hope that you find this feature fast and easy to use.