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Tue Oct 05 2021

Adding Commenting to Notion Pages

What's New

FastComments is now an embed.ly provider, and as such provides APIs and services that allow comment threads to be embedded into applications that support oEmbed.

How to Use It - A Quick Demo

When logged in to your tenant, you may simply visit fastcomments.com/create to create a conversation link that then can be added to your Notion page, or any application that integrates with embed.ly.

You can try it yourself using your demo embed link, fastcomments.com/c/demo:

The embedded commenting widget can then be customized just like any other instance of FastComments.

For example, as shown in the above video, we can customize the comment widget so that the user only has to enter their name, and not their email, to comment or vote.

Who Gets It

All current and new FastComments customers, on all tiers, now have access to oEmbed support.

Embedding an Existing Conversation

To embed an existing conversation, simply enter the value of the URL ID passed to the commenting widget into the Create a Conversation page as the conversation name.

In Conclusion

Like the rest of FastComments, we hope that you find this feature fast and easy to use.