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Tue Jan 11 2022 -

Introducing The Gif Picker

What's New

To start off the new year, conversations have been made more fun with animated reactions via the Gif Picker.

Happy dog gif

How to Use It

If image uploads are enabled, a GIF icon will appear in the comment toolbar.

Clicking this will show a list of trending gifs. This list preloads a certain number of images and provides infinite scrolling.

How to use

Gif Providers

Currently, the only integration FastComments supports is with Giphy.

Gif Anonymization

We know that a large portion of our user base picks FastComments due to privacy.

All assets and API calls from Giphy are stripped of information like cookies and your users' ip address.

Gif Content Rating

The content rating of gifs can be customized to be anywhere from PG to R-rated depending on your audience. Documentation for customizing the content rating is here.


There is dedicated documentation for the gif picker. See here:

In Conclusion

We've made a considerable investment ensuring the Gif picker and related functionality is fast and doesn't slow down the rest of the product.

Like the rest of FastComments, we hope that you find this feature fast, fun, and easy to use.