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Mon Feb 14 2022 -

FastComments White Labeling

What's New

FastComments can now integrate with other applications and third-party resellers via White Labeling. White Labeling allows you to create FastComments accounts (called tenants), users, moderators, and more.

We now offer a comprehensive API to automate the integration with third parties.

You can now, via the API:

  • Create customers (child tenants) that are managed by your tenant.
  • Manage the packages available to your customers and how you will handle billing.
  • Add and manage users in your managed tenants.
  • Add and manage moderators in your managed tenants.
  • Invite moderators and send login links to tenant users.


With billing, there are two options:

  1. Via FastComments Flex, the usage of your child tenants is automatically wrapped up and billed to the parent tenant. This can be monitored via the Billing Analytics Page.
  2. Via FastComments Pro, you get access to create a fixed number of child tenants for a fixed monthly price.


Managed tenants can have debranding enabled, which removes our logos from the comment widget.

How to Get White Labeling

Currently, the FastComments Flex and Pro plans offer access to the White Labeling API.

Scripts and Examples

An example script which uses the API to setup a tenant with users and moderators is available here.

Comprehensive Validation

Each API resource contains comprehensive validations and restrictions, with helpful error messages, to guide you through using them correctly.

Detailed Error Example
"status": "failed",
"reason": "A user with that id does not exist in this tenant. Create the user first and then make them a moderator.",
"code": "not-found"

Other Use Cases

The tenant users and moderators APIs can also be used to add and manage these resources in your own tenant, regardless of white labeling.


You can find full documentation of White Labeling and how to use the API here.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this update and its documentation useful. Happy integrating!