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Mon Jan 27 2020 -

What Notifications Does FastComments Send?

Learn about how FastComments might - or hopefully might not - bug you.

Depending on how you use FastComments you could get two different types of notifications.

In our day and age notifications are everywhere. They're a burden. FastComments doesn't want to add to that burden but if you run a site with FastComments installed it should allow you to stay engaged with your audience.

Also, if someone replies to you you'd probably want to know. But have you ever replied to a popular YouTube video and then gotten tons of notifications for all the replies to your comment?

If you run a site with FastComments installed then you'll get a notification at most every hour with a digest of all your comments on all your pages.

If you're just someone commenting on a random cat picture on the internet and someone replies to you - you'll get notified at most every hour with a list of those replies.

But no matter who you are you can easily opt out of all notifications from your account page by clicking the bell 🔔.