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Wed Nov 11 2020 -

Embeddable Comments For Webflow

Target Audience

This article targets anybody that wants to add support for commenting to their Webflow site.


Installing FastComments on a Webflow site is as easy as installing it on any other - with only one gotcha unique to hosting providers like Webflow.

The Steps

  1. Add your Webflow site's domain to your account - the widget will not load without it. This is the domain used when you click "Publish" in Webflow, for example "".
  2. In Design mode, go to "Add Elements" in the top left, then scroll all the way down to "Components". Click "Embed" - add the FastComments code snippet which you can find here

A Video

Here is a video detailing the installation, which starts with us in the Webflow designer and ends with having the embedded comment widget functioning in our site.


FastComments secures your installation by validating requests by domain name. If you want the comment widget to show for your Webflow site before you have a dedicated domain name, you'll have to add "" as a domain to your account here.

For increased security, you can define the whole domain name, for example "".

In Conclusion

We hope you've found this guide helpful and easy to read. Feel free to comment below with any questions.