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Thu Feb 17 2022 -

Moderation Groups Released

What's New

Previously, moderators would see all comments in your account when visiting the Moderate Comments page. If you had many types of content, all moderators would see the exact same list. For larger sites, this could result in some confusion as to which moderators moderate what.

We now provide the ability to only show the comments requiring moderation based on the moderator's group.

How Comments Are Placed Into Groups

First, a custom integration has to be setup so that when comments are left, FastComments knows what group the resulting comment should go into.

See here for how to setup the integration.

Adding Groups

By simpling going to the new Moderation Groups Page, we can define groups with their own names, see the generated ids required for integration, and even monitor the number of moderators and comments in each group.

You can then edit a moderator like you would normally do, and a new option will be available to select their groups.

Note that both moderators and comments can belong to more than one group.

For detailed documentation on adding groups, checkout the docs!.

Migrating Existing Comments

Via support request, can migrate your comments into your desired groups - just let us know!

Verifying the Integration

You can verify the integration is properly setup by checking the Comment Count in the Moderation Groups page.

Impact to Existing Customers

If you're an existing customer using FastComments, the feature has already been made available to your account.

If you don't make any changes to use this feature your moderators will not experience any changes to their workflow.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this update and its documentation useful. Happy commenting!