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Sun Apr 26 2020 -

FastComments Now Supports Live Commenting

With this product launch FastComments is able to improve the engagement of your audience even more!

FastComments is now not only fast - it's real time! Chat and interact just like a social network with our easily embeddable widget.

We know that our existing customers value how unobtrusive FastComments is - and we've kept it that way. To add realtime capabilities we increased the download size of the widget by less than 1kb. To top it off we have not added any popups or login requirements for the realtime comments to work - anybody can see the votes and comments change in realtime.

It would be very annoying this if the page size changes while the user is trying to interact with your content. There's nothing worse than going to read or click something and have the content move.

FastComments alerts the user using unobtrusive inline buttons in the widget about how many new comments have been posted for the page, or if there are replies to any comments. The user must click to show the new replies - thus eliminating any confusing jarring of content. Comment karma will automatically update with no interaction however the sorting order will be preserved for readability.

Here's a short video showing it in action.

We hope you and your users find it fun to use, cheers!