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Tue Mar 24 2020 -

New Widgets! Top Pages and Recent Comments

Today we're introducing two new widget types, bringing the total supported widgets to three: Comment Count, Recent Comments, and Top Pages.

If you're logged in you can see the list here, otherwise go to My Account -> Get Widget Code -> Other Widgets.

Keep in mind all of our widgets have very minimalist styling - they are designed to be fast and easy to style to your needs.

The Recent Comments widget will show the top ten approved comments, sorted by date.

The Top Pages widget will show the top 30 pages sorted by comment count.

The values for these widgets are predetermined before you load the page, and cached to ensure the best experience for your users. For documentation around the widgets, go the widget list and select one. From there you will see the code you can add to your site as well as any configuration the widget accepts.

If you find these widgets don't provide the information you need, or you would like help styling them, feel free to reach out.