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Tue Mar 24 2020 -

FastComments is on WordPress!

Considering switching from another WordPress comment plugin? Try FastComments!

We're proud to announce, after a lot of work, we've launched our WordPress plugin. You can find it here:

We've found that FastComments performs much better than the default WordPress comments, especially for larger comment threads.

It'll speed up your WordPress site by taking load off of your server - since we'll render the comment threads instead of WordPress.

The benchmarks don't lie - at 100 comments on a post running on a server with no load a vanilla WordPress install can serve 86 requests a second before it falls over.

With FastComments enabled, that number jumps up to over 400.

Benchmark Results

We hope people find the plugin to be easy to use, customize, and overall "just works". It should seamlessly sync your WordPress comments back and forth as well without putting strain on your servers.