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Thu Apr 02 2020 -

Banning, and Shadow Banning With FastComments


The FastComments moderation toolset now has the ability to ban or shadow ban a user. Also, if you are coming from another platform you can ban users via email on the Banned Users page.

Side Effects of Banning

Banning a user from the Moderation page will also delete the corresponding comment whether you pick shadow banning or not.

All bans are currently permanent but can be undone via the Banned Users page.


Moderators have the ability to ban, however they cannot currently access the Banned Users list or ban users by email. We will consider this for future releases.

The "Banned Users" metric has also been added to the Moderators page, so you can see how many users a given moderator has banned.

Shadow Bans

When you shadow ban a user from your site with FastComments it will appear as their votes and comments were successful to them, however the results are not saved (unless they refresh the page, because we only "fake it" for that session). Banning and Shadow Banning can have different effects on your community, so put some thought into it before you click that Ban button. Banned users may lash out, and shadow banned users may create support tickets asking why their comments do not save.

Overall we hope this is helpful for those of our customers that need it, but it should be used wisely. Cheers!