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Mon Feb 17 2020

Creating a Team of Comment Moderators with FastComments

A one man army only scales so far. What do you do when you're overwhelmed by the number of comments you have to review?

The Problem

You have a lot of content, and a lot of comments. This is good - your user base is engaged enough to interact with you. But now you're overwhelmed and need to scale your operation.

FastComments Moderation

FastComments moderation tools provide an efficient environment for reviewing comments, marking them as spam, or (if you must) deleting them.

The dashboard is also responsive so you can review and moderate comments on the go.

But access to moderating comments for your site is not limited to just your account. Someone can create their own FastComments account and be invited to your site via the admin dashboard. They don't even need to know about FastComments or create an account beforehand. The invite link that we'll show you how to send will guide them through creating an account.

Simply log into your account and go to Moderate Comments. From there in the top right there is an Add Moderators link. If you've already added moderators it will say Edit Moderators.

Add a Moderator

From this button a wizard will guide you through adding a moderator. You'll just need to provide a name and an email and they will automatically sent an invite link which will also guide them through account creation.

If you have a team of moderators you can see their progress from the same place - the Comment Moderators list provides stats for each moderator. This includes the number of comments they've marked reviewed, spam, and deleted.

That's it. After you send that invite link they can create their account and will have full access to moderate your comments. They will only see a simplified version of the Moderate Comments page - no ability to change settings is provided to moderators.

Happy commenting!