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Mon Jun 06 2022 -

FastComments Referral and Affiliate Program

FastComments now offers an affiliate program for affiliate marketers as well as one-time referrals. For the year 2022, referrals will earn 30% commission for the lifetime of the customer.

What tiers does the affiliate program apply to?

All FastComments tiers - Flex, Creators ($5.99), and Pro ($399/mo) - are eligible for commission.

Isn't 30% High?

In terms of the industry, 30% is about as high as you'll find. We picked this commission rate to attract new affiliates and partners.

Advertising Guidelines

You may not use FastComments or FastComments + term in your advertising keywords. This is to help protect our brand. If you'd like to do this, reach out to support to discuss a potential partnership.

You may not misrepresent our brand or what we do. We offer fast, live, embedded commenting solutions.

Conversion Time and Trials

The conversion system utilizes a 60-day tracking cookie. Customers have a 30-day free trial to test the product.

Only customers that convert to a paid account result in commission.

How do I get it?

Sign up here for the referral program.