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Wed Aug 12 2020 -

Embedding Comments on a GatsbyJS Site with FastComments

! This Article Contains Technical Jargon

What's New

We've recently launched our React component for FastComments.

This opens up a lot of opportunities - including integrating FastComments with Gatsby.

If You Wrote Your Own Wrapper

If you wrote your own React wrapper for FastComments - consider replacing it with our new one. We'll maintain this abstraction for you - and it contains a lot of nifty things like auto reload on config changes.

How it Works

Since FastComments has a React component as a wrapper around our core widget - it's just a matter of using our React library to instantiate the widget client-side.

We fully support this component and will keep it updated.


We've started to setup examples, which you can find here.

Night Mode

One of the examples we have is "night mode" - rendering FastComments on a site with a black (or very dark) background:

Additionally, since the widget responds to configuration changes this means you can have a mode to toggle your sites theme and easily tell fastcomments-react to update.

In Conclusion

We hope you find integrating FastComments into your Gatsby site quick and easy.