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Sat Feb 06 2021 -

FastComments Goes React Native

! This Article Contains Technical Jargon

What's New

FastComments now has React Native components that are at feature-parity with our VanillaJS widget.

We decided to call the library fastcomments-react-native. You can find the GitHub repository with the source code here.

The repository also contains example usage of the widget.

It's on NPM, which you can find here.

How it Works

The way this new component works is that the React component is a wrapper around the existing FastComments widget.

This means if we add features to our existing components or fix bugs you'll still benefit right away!

Development Time

The React Native widgets can be added to your application in just minutes with little development time required.


All React Native libraries support SSO out of the box, and the SSO integration process is the same as the Vanilla JS components. The existing backend code examples apply, as well.

Custom Styling?

The React Native components can be styled using CSS via the Widget Customization UI, same as the web-based widgets.


You could build your own UI around

In Conclusion

By releasing the fastcomments-react-native library, and future libraries, we hope that we can make it easier for developers to adopt FastComments while using modern development methodologies.