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Tue Mar 14 2023 -

Moderation Update - Badges in Moderation Page

What's New

Previously, when moderators wanted to award badges, they would go to the Comment Thread Viewer, or award the badges directly from the comment widget installed in your site or application.

However, many moderators just want to spend their time in the Moderate Comments page.

To make things easier for everyone, users' badges are now displayed on each comment in the Moderate Comments page.

Additionally, there are now menu options for awarding and removing badges for a user, directly in each comment menu.

These actions are live, just like from the comment widget or thread viewer, and all comments for the user in the moderation list will update when badges are added or removed.

Max Badges Displayed

Up to five badges are displayed. After that, an indicator is shown that the user has more than five badges.

How to Get It

This feature has been rolled out to all customers!

In Conclusion

Like all major releases, we're glad that we could take the time to optimize, test, and properly release this feature. Let us know below if you discover any issues.