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Sun Feb 23 2020 -

The FastComments Comment Count Widget

Want to show off the number of comments on a page before a user clicks in? No problem with FastComments.

The first of many to come - FastComments now supports comment count widgets.

For example, this page has . That number is inserted via the widget!

It's a live count, with a 60 second cache to help serve very popular pages faster. This means you may see the live count lag behind the count of your comments by a minute, but that's to ensure FastComments lives up to its name.

A better example may be a list of blog posts, for example:

Post #1


Post #2


Post #3


You can also see a live example of this on the blog homepage.

The Comment Count widget does not render in an iframe, so it is fully customizable via CSS. It will automatically inherit your page's styling - fonts, colors, line heights, and so on.

To get access to the Comment Count widget code for your account simply go here.

You can find it via the UI via the account page, then clicking Get Widget Code and then Other Widgets.