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Fri Oct 28 2022 -

New Floating Like Widget Released

What's New

At FastComments, while users can subscribe to pages directly in the comment widget by clicking the bell, we haven't had a solution for page-level reacts.

We have now launched this feature, with the first widget being the Floating Likes widget you see in the bottom right of this blog.

You can like the page directly, even if you do not have a account. If you are signed in, the reaction is tied to your account.


The widget supports SSO for authentication purposes, as well.


You can find the documentation on


This widget does not use an iframe and can be styled directly via CSS.

Dark Mode

By default, the widget will switch to a darker theme if the user's browser or OS preferences prefer dark mdoe.

Looking Forward

Long term we'd like to add different page level reactions, and maybe even voting, if we find our customer base is interested in such features.

We will look forward to feedback from users and the community to improve this new widget over time.

In Conclusion

We know this feature has been long awaited by some. Like all major releases, we're glad that we could take the time to optimize, test, and properly release this component.