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Sat Jan 25 2020 -

Migrating From Commento To FastComments

Export Your Existing Comments

In order to export your site's Comment and User data from Commento from their Admin dashboard go to General and then Export Data.

You'll notice that the resulting file you get via email has a mysterious "gz" file extension. If you're a bit extra technically savvy you might know this stands for "gzip" and is a popular and efficient way to compress files.

Don't open the "gz" file

A default Windows 10 installation will not be able to open the file from Commento. That's fine, because you don't have to with FastComments. Our backend understands this compressed file.

After that, if you're logged in you can go here to import the file. Select Commento from the dropdown and upload your file.

Wait a few minutes

The FastComments import is "asynchronous". This means that uploading the file and processing it are separate steps.

So, depending on your file size you might get the success message right away. On the import page at the bottom there's a table - each row represents an import attempt. You can safely refresh this page to see the status of your import and how many rows have been imported thus far.

When it's done

You'll receive an email when the import is done - whether it succeeds or not. You can close the page after the file upload succeeds and you see your import in the Imports page. It will have a status like "Requested" and when it starts the status will be "Running".

It's safe to reimport as many times as required - however if your import fails then reach out to us so we can help.

Replace the Commento Code with FastCommentss

It's simply a matter of removing the small snippet Commento gives you and replacing it with our own. You can even run Commento and FastComments on the same site temporarily to test and tweak the look and feel. We can help with that.

Migrating URLs at the same time

The comments themselves are tied to the "link" fields in the Commento export so as long as your URLs don't change the switch is easy. If you want to migrate URLs and keep your comments then let us know by sending us the old and new URLs. The help page allows uploading small text files so if you are migrating more than just a couple urls create an Excel sheet.


  1. Export your data
  2. Import into FastComments
  3. Swap Commento JavaScript snippet with FastComments's


Commento doesn't give us full URLs. What they provide is just the domain name that a comment thread belongs to - like "". This means that the FastComments importer has to assume what the protocol is, and it defaults to https. If you run the import and are not seeing your data you may want to check that your site is properly secured.

Why Won't Commento Won't Send Me My File?

For larger sites Commento might not be able to create the exported file due to technical limitations on their end. We have the ability to scrape your existing site and pull the comments off it, however this can be fairly custom and due to the time involved will require you to have the Support Package. You can request help with this here.