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Fri Dec 02 2022 -

Scheduling and Replaying Comments Live With FastComments

What's New

FastComments can now be used to automatically schedule and play back comments over a period of time.

This is useful for Webinars or other live events.

How it Works

With Scheduled Comments, simply upload a CSV describing the comments you want to post. This CSV includes where, and when, to post those comments. Every comment can have its own username and avatar, and is posted live.

You can replay the same comment thread over and over, which is useful for things like Webinars or training scenarios.

How to Get It & Documentation

All customers on all tiers have access to Scheduled Comments. You can find the documentation on Scheduled Comments here..

You can find the Scheduled Comments UI here.

In Conclusion

Like all major releases, we're glad that we could take the time to optimize, test, and properly release this feature. Let us know below if you discover any issues.