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Fri Jul 09 2021 -

Moderating Comments Made Easier

What's New

Previously, if you wanted to moderate comments, you could only do it from the Comment Moderation page.

While this page had a number of optimizations to make moderation easier, like bulk actions, there are benefits from not having to leave your site. Namely, when moderators go to work they can easily see the context around each comment while they work through the comment threads. This also means that you can edit comments live as they pop in.

So now, you can moderate directly on your site using FastComments!

When logged in, moderators will have a small edit icon in the top right of each comment. Hovering over this will show a menu with some new options.

Comment Moderation Actions

These options will show in the Comment Thread Viewer as well.


You can find documentation that covers what moderation actions are available and how this impacts live commenting here.

Who Gets It

Customers on all tiers now have this feature enabled.

Performance Impact

The code and assets related to moderating in this manner is only downloaded to the browsers of your moderators - it does not impact page load times of visitors of your site.

In Conclusion

We hope you find this makes your job as a moderator easier.

Happy commenting!