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Wed Aug 23 2023 -

Introducing Commenter Name Formats

What's New

FastComments by default shows your username, as you entered it. Similarly, if your username was passed to us via SSO, we'll display that. We do support display labels to show alongside your username, but it does not supplement your username.

Now, tenants can configure, at a site-wide or page-specific level, how usernames will display. For example, given the username "allen rex", we can instead automatically format it like:

  • Capitalize (display allen rex as Allen Rex)
  • Last Initial (display Allen Rex as Allen R.)
  • All Initials (display Allen Red as A. R.)
  • Show "Anonymous"


This can be setup via the Customize page in your admin dashboard.

Documentation can also be found here

In Conclusion

We thank our customers that give us continuous feedback so that we can think of ideas like this. We hope you continue to love FastComments.