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Mon Nov 14 2022 -

Comment Threads Can Now Easily Be Closed

What's New

FastComments has always allowed you to mark comment threads readonly via code or customization rules, but now it can easily be done from the comment widget itself.

In the top three-dot menu of the comment area, administrators or anyone with moderation permission will now have the option to close a comment thread, and potentially re-open it later at any time.

This differs slightly than setting threads readonly which you may have been doing up until now. Setting a thread readonly means that absolutely nothing can change on the page - no more comments, no votes, no editing comments, no removing comments.

Closing a comment thread is a bit different - comments cannot be added, but users can still delete their comments if desired. Additionally, votes can still be left, or removed.


Like the rest of FastComments, closing and re-opening comment threads is live and will instantly affect any users viewing that thread.

How to Get It

This feature has been rolled out to all customers!

Text Customizations

A new translation, THREAD_CLOSED, with the default English value of This comment thread has been closed for new comments. has been added.

This text can always be customized via the Widget Customization UI.

In Conclusion

Like all major releases, we're glad that we could take the time to optimize, test, and properly release this feature. Let us know below if you discover any issues.