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Fri Jun 17 2022 -

FastComments - The Disqus Alternative for The EU

What's New

We now have an isolated datacenter in the EU for our EU customers. Keep your platform or site fast and in compliance by using FastComments.

Server Locations

Our servers are currently split between two locations. We have our main deployment in Germany, with backups in France.

How to Access our EU Site

FastComments is now available at

How to Migrate from Disqus

Checkout our migration guide for migrating from Disqus. For smaller migrations, data uploads can be completely self-service, and customer service is always available to help for larger migrations.

What Stays in The EU?

When using the EU shard, all EU customer data, comments, emails, and cookies stay in the EU.

EU Customer Support SLA

Our customer support SLA currently remains 24 hours or less to answer all tickets. On average tickets are still resolved within six hours.

Live Commenting

Our EU shard uses its own separate live commenting system. The live commenting for customers in the EU may be globally available, but the data on our servers stays in the EU.


When using the EU shard with SSO, SSO user data remains in the EU.

Data Routing?

No data is routed through the US and redirected to the EU. All integrations and EU based installations call our EU site and APIs directly.

Reading Documentation

Before using ensure that you are logged into your tenant. This way the documentation site will detect you are using an EU account and switch all links and code snippets to their EU versions.

Existing Customers

Existing customers can be migrated to our EU datacenter free of charge.

WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin now officially supports the EU as well. On setup, simply select "I'm in the EU." and our WordPress plugin will use your EU account.

Developer Libraries and Integrations

All FastComments libraries (React, React Native, Angular, Vue, etc) now support a region parameter for supporting our EU customers.

Google Sites and Notion Integrations

Our Google Site and Notion integration works for our EU customers as well. The instructions are the same, except you would use instead of the US-based site.

Wix, Webflow, Weebly, etc?

Third party integrations also support our EU based datacenter. When viewing the documentation when logged into, the documentation site should automatically give you EU-based instructions.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this update useful. Happy integrating!